The Weekend

This weekend was fun, but it definitely wore us out! On Saturday, Kirk helped our friend Josh move, which included moving a 1967 Dodge Charger, it's engine, and other misc. parts, but it was lots of fun. Lynne went garage sale shopping with Eliza, and then Kirk joined in on the fun when he got home. Check out our awesome finds below, including some really nice clothes, great big plastic toys, duplos, books, and a $60 toddler-sized bundle-me for $5! All soooo cheap!

Saturday was Lynne's birthday, so in the evening, we went to a fantastic Japanese joint in Indy, Sakura, for the best sushi in town. Eliza did great too, and after a meal of tempura, miso soup, nigiri, maki, and green tea ice cream, we were stuffed!

On Sunday, Kirk volunteered with the toddlers at church, which is so fun, but really tiring at 9am. Then, Kirk's parents came down for a visit to see Eliza and tell us all about their two week Mediterranean cruise. Sounded amazing, and Sorrento, Rome, and Monaco are definitely on our to-do list. They also spoiled us with some amazing vacation treasures, including spices from Turke, delicious limoncello from a farm in Sorrento, a hand-crafted Pinocchio toy for Eliza, and a Tour de France onesie for her too! Thanks mom and dad!!

After all that, we needed a nap! :)

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