Elmore Wedding

Eliza sat through her first wedding this weekend, and she did a great job! She hardly made a peep during the ceremony (which was quite impressive), but then she was a bit overwhelmed during the reception and cried for a while. Too much loud music, and she must have been jealous of our buffet.
It is hard to see but the dress I wore was my grandmother's. I remember seeing it hanging in her closet when I was a little girl and loving it. It must have been special to her since it was the only piece of clothing that she saved from those years. My mom remembers grandma wearing it to a party when she was a small girl. Then when I was in college I tried it on and was shocked that my grandma and I were the same size! It was hard to picture the woman that I had always known was not always shaped like...well, a grandma!

Eliza wore the same outfit to Katie's reception (see earlier post). We thought we would cross our fingers and press our luck with the silk dry clean only outfit one more time!


Kirk danced with Eliza during the father-daughter dance, and I caught it on camera perfectly!

The first three photos were taken by our friend Alex. You can see more of his shots on Flickr.

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