A Lot of Firsts

We all went down to Florida for Eliza's first vacation. Kirk, along with Grandma and Grandpa Smiley (his parents) made the 18 hour drive while Eliza and I flew. Eliza did great on her first flight. We had a layover in Atlanta each way which gave me time to eat, change diapers, and feed her. She fussed just a bit on two flights and slept straight through the other two! Once we touched down in Sarasota, Eliza saw the ocean for the first time (yeh, it's the Gulf of Mexico, but close enough!). We gave her homemade organic rice cereal for the first of many times...once she gets used to the idea! With the help of a floaty she swam in the pool for the first time and the gulf, too! Overall Eliza did a great job. We had busy days driving around and it was also pretty warm (in the 90's), but she kept smiling! This was the first of many times down there now that Grandma and Grandpa Smiley bought a condo on the trip. We can't wait to go back and do it again!

First morning breakfast

First walk on the beach

First taste of chocolate/lime ice cream. This is two different cones...she didn't get to eat that much!

First few bites of rice cereal

All done with this!

First time in the pool and sunning in the shade!

A day on the beach where she worked on rolling over

The last night we did sunset shots with everyone

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