The Winning Streak is Over

On Sunday afternoon, when hanging out with our neighbors, we (the husbands) decided to go see the Cubs play in Cincinnati on Wednesday night. I was excited since I hadn't seen the Cubs play yet in person this season. On Monday night and Tuesday night, they crushed the Reds, but last night, hoping to see the sweep, we weren't so lucky. A journeyman pitcher threw a complete game shutout, the Cubs played horribly, and the good guys lost 4-0. It was quite a dull game since the Cubs only managed four hits (three singles and a double, hit by the pitcher), but at least the company was fun and entertaining!

This was the first Cubs game I had seen live in about 4 years that we lost, so my good luck winning streak is officially over. If it hadn't, I was ready to ask the team for some complimentary season tickets to work my magic all season!

Here's a shot from our seats in shallow left field right before the game started. Lots of empty seats, which is normal at most stadiums on a weeknight, but growing up used to Wrigley Field, it's still weird to see so many empty spaces.

We got to watch a lot of Alfonso Soriano in left, and my neighbor Brian thought he caught Soriano staring at him a few times. He's a little paranoid. Soriano was clearly looking at me!

Rich Harden started for the Cubs, and despite a horrible second inning where he gave up 3 runs and committed an error, he didn't pitch too badly.

It's the top of the 8th inning, the Reds are winning, and yet still so many empty seats. There were as many Cubs fans there as Reds fans, so I wonder how empty the Great American Ballpark is on a Wednesday night when the Pittsburgh Pirates are in town.

At least the St. Louis Cardinals lost and we are still tied for first place in the division!

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