We had a great Easter weekend!  Basketball, food, and family filled our days.  Each holiday this year has been amazing as we now get to share it with Eliza, and this one was no exception.  On Sunday, we went to the Marriot for an Easter brunch celebration.  There was a ton of food, the Easter bunny, balloon animals, a three piece band, and did I mention tons of food?   I was a little weary about the quality of a buffet meal, but this was by far the best we have ever had.  The crab, shrimp, ham, smoked salmon, and chocolate fountain were the favorites.

You can see in the picture above that Eliza was quite interested in the Easter bunny.  She was too busy holding her balloon to give him a high five, but she did try to pet him and her eyes followed him all around the room.

Eliza and I did not get the memo to wear yellow.

  Kirk’s fraternity brother, Erik, came into town for the Final Four games (Kirk will blog about that later, he’s still recovering I think).  We were glad to have him with us for a long weekend and that he was able to share in the Easter festivities.   Next time he has to bring Amanda, his fiancé, with him though.

That is a lot of jumbo shrimp and crab claws!  I think Kirk had at least four plates just of seafood (they had oysters, too!)

  We are so thankful for the meaning of this day, for the sacrifice Christ made for each one of us, and for the power of his resurrection.

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