This has been the most beautiful early spring that I can remember.  We have been doing many spring activities to help soak it all in!

Eliza went on her first bike ride.  The helmet is still a bit big and the whole time she tried to get it off (literally, the entire time).  Hopefully she will get the hang of it more and enjoy long rides.  We have planted about half of the garden by now as well as many spring flowers!  I missed getting out in the yard last year, but my nine month belly wouldn’t allow it!  So, this year I am trying to make up for lost time. 

























Even though the bike is still a work in progress, we have found some things that Eliza does LOVE to do outside.  The first is going on walks in her car.  We can’t even let her catch a glimpse of this or we will have to at least go down the block and back.  She loves to open up the car’s hood and see what is inside (which is often poop bags, thanks Otis).  The only negative is this thing is pretty loud rolling down the street, but it doesn’t seem to bother her.   She now can say car pretty well too but I don’t think she quite has the right meaning down for one yet.


She has also found a love of swinging.  Thanks to our neighbors, Kirk now has another summer project :)  Since we have no tree big enough in our yard, I am hoping that this face will help convince him that we really need to build one like Jack and Brody’s across the street!

So, needless to say we have completely enjoyed the 70-80 degree weather and sunshine.  We are so excited for this summer and the memories that we will make this season!

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