Eliza’s Big Butterfly Bash

We had a great time celebrating Eliza’s birthday this weekend.  Eliza wouldn’t take a nap at all, so there was a bit of concern for a possible mid-day melt-down.  But after the sugar, all the people, and presents, Eliza was good to go all day!  The last 365 days have been unforgettable.

Lots of goodies!  Chocolate-covered marshmallows, brownie pops, butterfly cookies, fruit, butterfly pasta salad, chocolate-covered butterfly pretzels, butterfly fruit pizza, lollipops, jelly beans, and cupcakes!  Is that enough?

So I wimped out on making the cupcakes.  It was getting tight on timing and I was going to have to be up all night baking them.  Instead, we ordered a variety from The Flying Cupcake and they turned out great.  Eliza’s Gram (Sara) made an amazing butterfly fruit pizza that was delicious!






















Now for the real sweet stuff 












Eliza’s Papa (Jerry) had a sign made so no one could miss the house. 

Pompons and butterflies everywhere





      Decorated water bottles and in the pitchers, why PINK raspberry lemonade of course!

Eliza enjoyed all the paper and all the people.  Thank you everyone for celebrating this day with us and for loving Eliza so much! 


We had a great day and she is still catching up on her sleep.  No rush for birthday number two.

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Brittney Kayla said...


Who knew a 1st birthday would be such a blasty!
Mom and Dad and Kay send their love and wishes, Cheers to the Smiley's, a wonderful family!