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3642163059_ae41a3f31a_z It’s been a while since I blogged, but hopefully you all know our most recent big news – we will be having another GIRL!  Kirk and I are very excited to see two sisters grow up together.  We have been reading books and talking to Eliza a lot about being a big sister.  When asked, “Where’s the baby,” she’ll point at my growing belly, but she also thinks that she has a baby in hers, too!

This pregnancy has not been what we expected.  At our 8 week ultrasound the tech found a build-up of blood in my uterus.  I was put on a weight limit of 8 lbs with no exercising.   It made for some difficult weeks especially when Kirk was traveling.  I felt helpless in obeying what the doctor ordered since even Otis is over 8 lbs! 

When we went back 4 weeks later it was frustrating to find out that the mass doubled in size.  With this kind of build-up the body could reabsorb it or we were told it could stay there the whole pregnancy.  It was really getting me down to think of having this for 30+ weeks.  If the mass were to burst I would go into labor, so again I was reminded of the restrictions and tried to figure out how to be a mom and care for this unborn baby at the same time.

Timing couldn’t have been better, since right after this second ultrasound we had  a two week vacation planned in Florida.  It was a huge blessing and answer to prayer to have not only Kirk there but my in-laws as well to do all the lifting.  I did nothing but lay around, play with Kirk and Eliza, eat, and read for two weeks. 

When I returned home I went in for another ultra-sound at 14 weeks.  I had been praying that the mass had gone down in size.  I didn’t even think of praying that it would be gone.  Thankfully, the nurse couldn’t find any sign of it!  I was shocked and kept asking for her to check again.  Such a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders that I couldn’t stop smiling.  We were also able to find that we were having a girl and that she was looking perfect!  Over the last month I have been able to clean the house, lift Eliza when she asked me to hold her, and be excited about being pregnant.

This last week I went in for another ultrasound and my 20 week check.  Unfortunately, they found the blood build-up again.  This could be the same one or a new one, the doctor wasn’t sure.  I was put back on restrictions, but since I am out of the first trimester and the mass is not as big as it once was, my doctor is not as worried as she was previously.  I am trying not to get too stressed about it this time around and continue enjoying this pregnancy.  This little girl loves to move and I feel her all day long.  She also loves oranges and Mexican food!

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SchneiderInsider said...

Hey Lynne! I will be keeping you in my prayers. Glad the pregnancy is going well otherwise. We missed you in Muskegon. Next time we go skiing, I can stay with and watch the kiddos...skiing is definitely not my forte...sitting in the lodge watching people come down the hill proved to be quite enjoyable though. Hopefully we can meet up soon for lunch/dinner/something. :-)