Update on Eliza

Over the last few weeks Eliza has grown up a lot.  She is talking all day long and repeating new words over and over.  At her last doctor’s appointment in January, Eliza was 32” long and 24 pounds.  She is pretty small for her age but has always steadily grown (and has a healthy belly to boot).   Her hair has been growing as well and we may actually need to cut it soon.  She loves wearing pigtails and her daddy loves them too. 
We’ve started working on discipline more since Eliza has been quite opinionated and a bit whiny.  A couple weeks ago she had to go into “timeout” for the first time, but it worked!  She’s usually a very happy and easy going little girl but every few days she can really wear me out with defiance, especially if she doesn’t feel good. 
Potty training isn’t going very well, and it’s mostly my fault (not hers) since I haven’t been regularly diligent with it.  Eliza still can’t really sense the “gotta go” feeling until it is too late, but sometimes we get lucky and happen to sit her down at the right time.  She’s had a few “liquid” successes but never anything consistent.
Eating is hit or miss since she’s bin a bit sick lately.  Some days she just wants carbs, and other days she’s a bigger fan of cheese.  I say “good bite” to her when she puts a big spoonful of something in her mouth.  Now she informs me when she has a good bite or when it is a “bad bite.”  Bad bites come falling out of her mouth, then she often hands them to me and says “trash.”
Her favorite game lately has been “hide seek.”  She started hiding in the middle of rooms until Kirk showed her some better hiding spots.  She will now hide for long periods of time and be silent waiting for us to find her, but sometimes we don’t even know the game is afoot until we realize we haven’t heard her in a while.  We need to teach Eliza how to inform people when the game has begun!  Her favorite spots to hide are behind doors and underneath the kitchen table.
For Christmas we got a family membership to the Children’s Museum.  Eliza would go there everyday if she could.  I try to take her weekly, but when she’s sick, she doesn’t get to go.  Eliza has had two bad colds and pink eye in the last two months, and there were some long nights with poor sleep.  She is now quick to tell you that her nose is “stuffy,” but I’m sick of her wiping snot all over her sleeves.
The Chihuly exhibit

Playing with her new friend, Abe
She loves the plane at the museum that flies her to Egypt.  It goes “rumble rumble.”
She’s a big fan of the dinosaur exhibitIMG_4318

Eliza has started doing what mommy and daddy do like "working" at her desk, having meetings with boys, and shopping at the store with her purse. 
Taking a business call and using her writing utensil , just like daddy

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