Time Off in Florida

We had a great time in Florida this January, and even though the weather was cooler than normal, we loved getting out of the snow! Two weeks was an amazing length of time off, and Eliza loved having her daddy and grandparents’ attention the whole time.

We spent three days at the beach. Eliza was not a fan the first day. She was very worried about her toes getting dirty and the waves were pretty cold and scary. The second day she was much more excited to find shells and even started playing in the sand, but her shoes were not allowed to come off because she had to stay clean. She loved seeing the birds and found it funny that they wanted her snacks.

13 weeks along

Eliza talks about the beach all the time but still has no interest in getting in the water. She says it is “too cold!” Maybe next time.

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Seagers said...

Thanks for the updates...thought you were www MIA!