The Day is Here!

The due date is here, that is.  We will be induced Thursday at 4:30pm and my doctor, who has been on maternity leave, is coming in early to do the delivery!  I am really excited about having my normal doctor there, and it has made it easier to wait this long.  I have a few more things to clean and some laundry to put away but we’ve had plenty of extra time to prepare. 

On Sunday Kirk took some pictures of Eliza and me.  I haven’t been too keen to jump in front of the camera, but I figured it was time to document the last days of the pregnancy.  As I look back I will recall my cravings of Mexican food, fruit, and canned green beans (and when I say Mexican food I mean the authentic stuff, which I would have eaten every night if Kirk had let me).  It has also been different mentally preparing for a second child.  There is not as much time to dream and think on the newest addition because I’m plenty busy with Eliza.  I have a joy-filled heart and am excited to meet Eliza’s baby sister.

I hope she’s ready for what’s coming!

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