Stocking Up

I wanted to stock up the freezer with some meals to reheat once the baby arrives.  After the false alarm on the 4th it got me antsy to get this checked off my to-do-list!  This project would not have been possible without the help of my mom.   We spent all day (literally 10 hours!) getting all this cooked up.  We doubled and sometimes tripled the recipes so that my mom and I could split up what we prepared.  It was so much more fun doing this with someone else.   We talked about maybe doing this once a month so that our freezer could always be stocked with some quick meals so that there would be less of a need to go to the store or pick up other food.  Eliza was also amazing all day and kept herself occupied while we cooked, which was such a big help.

Throughout the day the phrase “I have never cooked/cut this much before!” was said quite often.  The large amounts were a bit crazy especially the four packs of bacon that we had to cook up!  In all we made 6 quiches (with bacon, mushrooms, spinach, etc.), 2 sausage/egg casseroles, 3 lasagnas, 12 twice baked potatoes, and one batch of Rice Krispies treats.

Freeze Rice Krispies treats you say?  No, these were just made for us to eat now and they are almost gone already.

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Sean said...

Mmmm... That reminds me I haven't made quiche in a while. Definitely needs to go on the (100 mile round trip!) grocery list.

I can't believe you're even on your feet at this point. Best of luck; I'm sure it'll be any day now.

Those twice-baked potatoes look incredible. Mind sharing a recipe?