Hot Enough to Boil Shrimp

Last weekend our friends hosted their second annual shrimp boil.  It was a warm night with hot food, but it was oh so delicious!  Eliza spent the night with her Gram and Papa so Kirk and I enjoyed a night out together (which may be our last for a while).  Shrimp, corn, Andouille sausage, potatoes, onions, lots of Old Bay, and Bell’s Oberon – hard to top!

There’s nothing like eating off of paper with only your fingers!

Grilled peaches and ice cream for dessert.

Tony found some paper lanterns at a fireworks store and we sent one off.  It was beautiful to see it go up at night, and amazing how far away you can see the flame.

We took a picture of our house church before the two new members arrive.  Laura went into labor four days after this was taken with their son Riley.  We hope that we can join the club in the next few days!  We were also excited to celebrate Tony and Meredith getting engaged!

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