Ethiopian Dinner

As we continue to play catch-up on the blog, some posts may fall out of chronological order.  Deal with it :).

Earlier in January we had the rare opportunity for a night out with our house church, sans kids.  Always the adventurous eaters, we decided to visit a local Ethiopian restaurant, something none of us had previously tried.  We adjusted to the fun family-style format although we humbly lacked comprehension of the menu items so we ordered a variety of things. 

We started with the homemade honey wine.  Overall, most people weren’t a fan (it didn’t taste like anything anyone had tried before), but Kirk enjoyed it.  We also discovered it tastes a lot better with food.

The food is served on injera, a flat thick spongy crepe-like bread, and you simply tear some off, dip it in the various items, and eat with your hands.  We ate a lot of injera, and I think it filled people up.

We had the following items:

  • Sega wett: beef in spices (the overall favorite, although Kirk enjoyed them all and tried to “clean the group’s plate”)
  • Doro wett: chicken stewed in spices (good)
  • Yebegge alecha: mild lamb stew (good)
  • Quosta: spinach and onion (good)
  • Yemisir wot: red lentil stew (good)
  • Yekik alecha: split peas and spices (good)
  • Gommen: Ethiopian collared greens (just ok)
  • Tikel gommen: cabbage and butter (good)
  • Denech alecha: potatoes, onion, and carrot (just ok)
  • Yebegga tibbs: sautéed strips of lamb cooked with onion, tomato, and chiles (good, but quite fatty so it turned some people off)

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