Halloween 2011

This year Eliza was excited to be a ladybug for Halloween.  We had a similar costume for Matilda who also had a costume change into a caterpillar.  After last year’s bee costume apparently we’re all about the insects.  Eliza has so much fun trick-or-treating with the neighbors, seeing all the costumes, and, of course, getting lots of candy.  This year she got to stay out a lot later than last year so we made it through a couple full blocks of the neighborhood.
One of my favorite highlights was when it was very dark out and Eliza dropped her only sucker (still in the wrapper) and was so distraught that we couldn’t find it.  Using the light on his phone, Kirk spent about five minutes backtracking and looking for it, and Eliza was so thrilled when he did.  In fact, instead of saying “trick or treat” she told the next two houses, “Daddy found my sucker!”  Hilarious – what a hero.
The neighbor boys were ready to go!
Matilda was a very hungry caterpillar
Nick as the nicest little devil you’ll ever meet, and Jack as Spider-Man unmasked!
Our neighbor Elle was the perfect grazing cow.  I think I’d vote for this as cutest costume in the neighborhood.
Preston was a cute Mr. Potato Head

Eliza also went to the daytime version of the haunted house at the Children’s Museum with Gae and Papa.  She had a lot of fun and didn’t think it was very scary (since the lights were on, of course!).  She loved prancing around the museum in her ladybug costume.
Driving Papa in the tuk-tuk.  Who wouldn’t want a ladybug chauffeur?
Standard construction clothes, right?

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