A Day With Hayden is a Day of FUN!

Lynne and I had quite a President's Day. Since I had the day off from work, we got in touch with Mark and Lynn Hults and arranged to take Hayden, our favorite little person in the whole world, to the Indianapolis Children's Museum. Lynn was coming to Indy anyway to visit some friends, so from 10am until 7pm, we got to play!

Well, Hayden LOVED the museum and did a such a great job. Despite running into her normal scheduled nap time, she had tons of energy, and there were no tears or sadness, only games, a carousel, Curious George, doll houses, mazes, and enough interactive displays to spend a week working through. After only about three hours there, I was pooped, and don't know how parents do it! Oh, and did I mention that it was one the few annual "free days" due to the holiday? I've never seen so many kids packed into one place. If I was three, I think I would have balked at the chaos of it all, but Hayden didn't mind and held her own with the kids (many much bigger than her).

After the museum it was nap time for both Hayden and Kirk on our new guest bed and trundle, and then fun with coloring, Dora, and Otis. Hayden loves to pet Otis and chase him around in circles. If only Otis would stop viewing Hayden's little hands as delicious snacks! Overall it was such a great time, and despite being exhausted, we always miss her so much after she leaves. Thanks Mark and Lynn for giving us quality time with your "fancy nancy!"

Hayden loved working the cash register and selling us fruit at the Curious George station. I loved it too since she charged me two $1 bills and gave me a $10 bill as change!

While running her farm stand, Hayden ran into her neighbor friend from home! What're the odds?
Move over Danica - Hayden's getting ready for the 500!

Lynne and Hayden had so much fun riding a pretty horse on the carousel!

Hayden was very interested in playing the giant Connect Four...not so interested in the rules though :)

Lynne and Hayden sitting with the bad "couch potato." Hayden seems to enjoy being a couch potato if Dora's on the TV.

Kirk and Hayden aren't quite as tall and the man in the yellow hat

Hugs for Curious George!

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