Greek Conference & Old and New Friends

Yes, I know, we have neglected our blog for some time, so I am playing catch-up here. Back on February 1st and 2nd, I had the opportunity to volunteer at the annual conference for Greek InterVarsity in Indianapolis. If you don't know what GreekIV is, it's a Christian organization that ministers specifically to fraternity and sorority students on college campuses. I was heavily involved at Purdue, and Lynne and I met on a mission trip (Global Urban Trek) through the parent organization InterVarsity Christian Fellowship.

So, after attending the conference 5 times as an undergrad and being too busy with grad school to ever volunteer, I made the trip (a whole 20 minutes) to lead a small group at this year's conference. I got to meet 5 terrific students from all over the midwest in the World Changers track, where we talked about what the "Kingdom of God" really looked like and wrestled with what the message of the Gospel really was. It was a fantastic session, and I know I left re-energized to serve the Lord, and I hope all of the students did as well. Also, the conference has abundant large group time of worship, skits, stories, and a great speaker, and it also allows greeks from different schools to interact and hang out in the largest sober party of the year.

The entire conference was a blast, and it definitely made me miss my undergrad days, but I definitely felt old trying to keep up with the young-uns. Did I really used to stay up until 3am most nights? How?!?! It was also a great opportunity to reconnect with some friends who are fellow alumni. My fraternity brother Ryan Riggs drove down from Kokomo to volunteer, and Lynne and I were blessed to have him stay with us on Friday night. It was great reconnecting with him, and the many other friends I got to see. My ATO little-bro Grant Yost flew in from Texas, and I can't ever get enough of the Yoster Toaster. Also, I got to have dinner with some of the new ATO guys (ATO took around 20 guys to the conference!), which was a great opportunity, and it's so exciting to see the ministry still going on in the house long after I've left.

Unfortunately, I got a nasty case of the flu from those college kids, and it took over a week to get over it! Overall, I'd still say it was worth it though :)

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