Where's my Mommy?

hi everyone. i hope you liked reading about my tooth. i've lost 4 now, but the rest hurt so i've been chewing a lot. my new big teeth are coming in before my old teeth fall out!

but that's not why i wanted to talk to you. i wanted to let you know that my mommy all of a sudden isn't around all day. i miss her, but she comes home pretty happy, so that is good, and then she and dad play with me. where is she? well, she got this new thing called a JOB, where she goes sometimes during the day. i heard her say it's at someplace called Williams Sonoma Home, or something, but all i know is she was very excited about it and seems to enjoy it a lot so far. and she says she works close to dad's office too.

on a side note, i see my parents posted about that little girl Hayden coming over to play. well, i didn't really like that. she got ALL of the attention for a whole day! how is a puppy supposed to compete? i was pretty sad and don't like sharing. after she left, mom and dad gave me lots of backrubs, played tug of war, and we ran around the house to make up for it, which was fun.

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