ThE tOoTh FaIrY is cOmiNg to my HoUSe!

I lost my first tooth and it was a sharp one! I can’t wait to look under my bed and see what the tooth fairy is going to leave for me! I have another loose one that is going to come out soon and I am worried about getting a lisp, but as long as I can eat my puppy food I guess it doesn’t matter. Well, have a great weekend everyone and if the snow goes away maybe my grandparents will take me on another long walk (hint, hint)!


The Seager Family said...

O-Dis, I did not know that pups lose their teeth. I hope your new ones are strong and help you eat yummy food!
Love, Chase

gretchen said...

Ah, those where the days. I remember when my little Riley Finnegan lost his first baby bunny tooth... and today he turned 4-years old. Watch out! Otis will be an old man before you realize it!