Delicious Food

Last week was a good week for home cookin'! Since Eliza joined our lives, quality home-cooked meals have been at a premium. Usually a couple days a week we'll make something special and delicious, but the rest of the week are quick meals to be "cooked" and eaten in periods where Eliza is sleeping, thoroughly occupied with staring at the ceiling fan, or otherwise distracted. Imagine microwave quiches and other quick treats from Trader Joe's, hotdogs, sandwiches, and pizza (although our home-made pizzas are quick and excellent, but I wouldn't call them gourmet). This week, however, we had back-to-back-to-back nights of some restaurant-quality home cooking.

On Tuesday, Lynne made Chicken Piccata, which she has become excellent at, and it was her best yet! On Wednesday, we had scallops with veggies over angel hair pasta in a white wine sauce, and it was wonderful. On Thursday, Kirk had a craving for Chinese, and we realized we never really cook "chinese" food at home. Sure we make lots of thai, sushi, tempura, and pan-asian fare, but "chinese" (by which I mean americanized chinese food) is something we just never think to make. Kirk found a great cashew chicken recipe, and with a sizzling wok, delicious homemade sauce, and quality cuts of chicken (as opposed to what you get at a chinese restaurant), it was a great success. A pic is below.

One thing we both really enjoyed was a thinner yet very flavorful sauce as opposed to the thick and overly sweet sauces you get with takeout, and meat that wasn't overly breaded, so you actually ate meat and not just fried nuggets of batter. Definitely more PF Chang's caliber than Panda Express, and plenty of leftovers. Maybe I'll have to learn how to make fortune cookies next?

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