Wednesday Randomness

I was out watering the garden the other day when I saw some weird grass growing on my lawn. It didn't look like your average weed, and it was growing a lot faster (taller) than my grass. I stooped down to take a look, pulled a few strands out of the ground, and lo and behold, I was a corn farmer! It seems that when we were playing cornhole a few weeks ago and the bags broke open on the lawn, the seeds had a fun time sprouting. I know corn is cheap at the store, but if it can grow in my lawn, I know it'll grow in my garden, so next year we'll definitely see what homegrown corn can do in our garden.

Other garden updates: lettuce mix continues to do so well I'm giving it away left and right, swiss chard is excellent (see below for more), all the herbs are looking great, green onions are starting to get thicker, jalapeno and bell peppers are actually growing (some very large, but no peppers yet), and the okra is working it's way up (about 2 feet tall in places). The failures have been the leeks which never took off, the spinach, which were excellent until about a week ago when the dried out and died, and the raspberry bush is still struggling. The blackberry bushes didn't make it either.

Before I left for NYC, we made our first pizza! It was quite easy and as cheap to make as a frozen pizza at the grocery store. Ours had lots of cheese, salami, and thai basil from the garden, and it was very delicious!

On Monday night I made my "famous" lamb burgers. This is one of my favorite quick and easy meals. It's simply ground lamb with herbs and spices, lettuce from the garden, Trader Joe's rolls, and whatever cheese you like (we prefer goat on them). We also cooked our first batch of swiss chard from the garden with some olive oil and onions, and it was so delicious. It's a shame it takes so much greenery to wilt down into one serving, but we have tons in the garden and are looking forward to more chard throughout the summer!
And without further ado, the real reason you visit this blog...pics of Eliza!
She is so attentive! She's constantly studying everything around her...smart girl! :)
Nap times are too dang cute.
Did I startle her?! I love her huge eyes!
Lynne thought it was nap time, but Eliza knew it was a photo-op!
Poor Otis, constantly in need of attention. Here he is at his lazy best. Don't fall off?!

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