The New Laptop

After 8 years (yes, that is a loooong time for technology to last!), we have our first new laptop computer, a Dell 17" Studio. It's been wonderful, and compared to our old laptop, it has the following features:

-a battery that works, which means Lynne can actually use it in the family room while watching Eliza!

-500GB hard drive as opposed to the 20GB we were working with on the old computer, which meant we kept having to back things up to an external HDD

-4GB RAM, as opposed to 256MB that caused the old computer to freeze when more than two applications were open (or too many IE tabs)

-a huge 17" widescreen that wasn't a distorted orange color in the corner like our old laptop

-a DVD RW drive so we can actually make dvds from Eliza's videos and not rely on friends to burn them for us

-built-in wireless card, which is the norm, but so much nicer than trying to get my old laptop to recognize the Netgear wireless card we had to install years ago

-great sound system, so I don't have to connect it to a stereo to listen to stuff, ala my old computer

-sub 2.0 drives (or whatever version is newest) that are about 10 times faster than our old USB connections, which makes a big difference when uploading pics and video

Overall, it has been wonderful, but rest assured friends, the old laptop is still up and running and is hosting our printer network, so we'll see how long it can hold out. Here's a surreal shot of 3 laptops open on my desk (one is my work computer), which still seems very weird.

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