Family Reunion at the River!

As is customary, every 4th of July weekend, the Smiley and Haimbaugh clans reunite to camp on the family's property outside Rochester, IN. Dubbed "The River" due to the campsites proximity over-looking the Tippecanoe River, it's a great time to reconnect with second and third cousins galore. This year was especially fun since everyone got to meet Eliza for the first time! Despite the rain, it was a lot of fun, but hopefully next year, once Eliza can do more, it will be nice and sunny.

The Smileys sitting around and chatting. This is mostly Kirk's second cousins. There are now 4 little girl Smileys, including two that are a little over two years old, and Eliza and her third cousin, Ella, who was born three days after her.

Lynne and Eliza hanging out, with cousin Ericka looking on. Eliza was decked out in her "Baby's First Fourth" onesie and "All-American Baby" bib. :)

Due to the rain, some quick shelters were constructed.
Smiley tent city.

Of course, time at the River would not be complete without volleyball!

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