Big D

This week I headed down south to Dallas, Texas for work. While I was only there for two short days (one night), I still got to spend great time with my colleagues and see some of the city. Overall, it was just nice to get to Texas, since now I only have five states left on my list to visit. Here's the list:

Alaska - a lot of people go on an Alaskan cruise when they are older (like my folks), so I bet that'll happen

Washington - I need to go to Seattle at some point, right? (and wanting to go to nearby Vancouver)

Louisiana - Definitely need to visit New Orleans

North Dakota - Maybe I can talk Russ into taking me on a trip back home. Otherwise, this is going to be a hard one to manage

Oklahoma - Also not sure what will draw me to the state, but I was just an hour away in Dallas!

Back to the Dallas trip. I definitely had some great food, including brisket tacos at Mia's. I also learned that Mia's is famous as being the spot where Jerry Jones hired Jimmy Johnson to coach the Cowboys, being spotted by a reporter doing so before officially firing long-time coach Tom Landry (who is just a bit of an icon in the city...think Ditka in Chicago but even bigger). Dallas fans weren't all too happy, but future Super Bowl wins made up for that lack of tact, I think.

I also had some great barbecue at Sonny Bryan's. More brisket, pulled pork, sausage, beans, and potatoes. It was quite filling and top notch. And they had IBC root beer on tap, which I never see around here.

I also saw the old Cowboys Stadium, American Airlines arena where the Mavericks play, the grassy knoll and spot where JFK was shot, as well as spent quality time with my teammates. A short, but fun trip.

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