Shopping Just Got Easier

Grocery shopping has been tricky since Eliza was born. Her car seat doesn’t have the grooves to sit over the front of carts, so she had to be in the cart itself. This really limitted the amount of groceries I could purchase at one time. Now that Eliza is sitting up, my grocery experience is back to being more normal. But, another problem arose. Eliza insisted on using the cart as a chew toy! So for Christmas we got a Floppy Seat (thank you Aunt Janet!). This thing totally screams first-time mom, I know. But, with this flu season I don’t care what statement it makes. Toys can also be hooked on so that it keeps them all from dropping (a.k.a. being thrown), and it is great for restaurant highchairs too! I love it and will use it in the future, even when I am no longer a first-time mom!

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Megan said...

Umm I still use mine every time we go to any store or restaurant. Love it.