Finger Food

Last week Eliza had her 9 month check-up. She is starting her "stranger fear" phase, and cried the whole time the doctor was in the room. Everything else went well and she now weighs 18 pounds.

He said to start her on finger food and that hopefully that will help the eating problem. He had thought that once she could feed herself, eating would be more interesting. He was right! She is LOVING it! This has been such an answer to prayer.

We started with Puffs because of their dissolvability. She is a carb girl! She also has liked pear and avocado, but they are much harder for her to pick up. She doesn’t want me to help her either.







She loved poking at them at first (see picture below), and then she finally figured out that putting them in her mouth was better!









She was much quicker at using her teeth then I expected. The only problem is that her teeth are all in the front, so the food kept wanting to fall out! Her hands haven’t been there for back-up support until more recently. Of course, the real back-up person is Otis, who waits for every drop.









She has loved the Happy Baby Puffs. She has recognized the container since this first feeding (Otis as well). I have to keep it out of sight until the right moment or she will go crazy for it. She is definitely not a baby anymore.

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Megan said...

I ordered these things off Amazon (although my friend from Seattle got them at her Walmart) called Mum Mums. They were amazing and I will use them again for sure!