A Champion

I'm glad that Indianapolis had already won a Super Bowl. It made it a lot easier to celebrate the thrilling Saints victory last night among Colts fans. My man crush on Drew Brees has already been documented, and it just grew even more after his near-flawless performance in the biggest game of his life. I expected him (and the Saints) to be nervous and make some poor decisions, but Drew was far more clutch than even I anticipated.

As I grinned ear-to-ear and watched the post-game festivities, three things stood out as awesome:

1. Len Dawson had the honor to carry in the Lombardi trophy and present it to Brees and the Saints. Dawson, also a Purdue graduate, is one of three quarterbacks from Purdue to win a Super Bowl (Bob Griese is the third). No other college or university can boast this. Seeing Len was even more fun since he's an alumni of my fraternity at Purdue, Alpha Tau Omega.

2. Listening to Brees speak about the victory and overcoming adversity throughout his career really showed what a classy guy he is. Not only is he incredibly humble, giving thanks to the right people and acting like he still can't believe how blessed his is, but his heart is enormous. In the pre-game show, everyone got to hear a lot about what Brees and his family have done to help the city of New Orleans since joining the Saints a few years ago, but it's apparent that Brees doesn't give of himself out of obligation or a sense of prideful charity. He gives and gives because he geniunely cares about others and has used his life, talents, and fortune to do far more good than most. Brees mentioned "destiny" a lot when referencing the path that brought him to New Orleans and the timing post-Katrina, and he is clearly a man who has embraced every opportunity God puts in front of him.

3. As a ridiculously proud father who is completely smitten with his daughter, seeing Drew on the field with his baby boy, with tears in his eyes, made me tear up, too. From Most Valuable Player to most valuable papa.

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