Reader Beware!

If you have a sensitive or queasy stomach do NOT read this post!


OK, we tried to warn you…

Parents have warned us that poops change once the kiddo is on solid foods. We expect this to happen, but those parents did not truly explain the situation! They did not say that these diapers would make our knees quake and bring tears to our eyes. Nothing was ever said regarding the need for our stomachs to be empty during these combative moments (us vs. the diaper). So obviously this has been an issue since Eliza is very “regular” and makes a noon “deposit.”

Kirk will not battle alone. Today I was in the shower and he came in to say that when I was finished he needed my help. I was pretty confident that I knew what had occurred. Upon further explanation, Kirk said that “something had crawled in Eliza’s diaper and died.” The sad thing is that this diaper was better than yesterday’s which had us both holding our breath (as well as our vomit)! And Kirk’s probably smart for requesting help; it takes two people to clean it up while keeping Eliza from playing with it…yuck!

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Megan said...

Just wait...the more "people" food she eats, the worse it gets. And potty training...wow.