First Snow

2535pdate We finally took a few minutes to put Eliza out in the snow.  Since she doesn’t have a snowsuit we bundled her in lots of layers.  She had on a long sleeve onesie, socks, tights, sweater, jeans, light jacket, warm-up pants, winter coat, and shoes.  It didn’t all coordinate very well, but you work with what you got!   She didn’t mind being in the snow for the first five minutes and then she just wanted to be held, not go inside, just held.  I think she was just upset that we were so far away taking some great photographs, but once Kirk picked her up, she wanted to stay outside, despite the cold.  It also worked out well that the snow had been packed down and a bit icy on top, so she didn’t sink!2542pdate2520update 2521pdate2545pdate2560pdate

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