4th at the River

We had some temperature trouble around the time of the river, Eliza ran a fever the day before (due to teething I think) and then outside it was H-O-T!  At the last minute we decided not to camp and instead just go up for the day of the pitch-in meal.  For those of you reading and a bit lost, this is Kirk’s family reunion that takes place once a year on family-owned farm land up in Rochester, IN.  This year there were almost 100 people there.  It is great to see extended family and for Eliza to be able to play with her cousins. 

Due to the teething Eliza was tired and looking for something to chew…a bad combination!River 2010










The Smileys have been having all girls lately!River 2010










Eliza playing with Kendra.River 2010










Before the meal we go around and count the number of people there and say grace.River 2010 










River 2010

It was a fun day, and hopefully we’ll be camping next year!


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