New Summer Fun


This summer has been very busy which is why we haven’t posted as often as we’d like.  Eliza has been growing and talking a lot, so each day is full of new experiences.  She loves to brush her teeth now and will laugh when she catches us brushing ours.


Eliza just walked across the entire room for the first time today!  She had taken a few solo steps here and there, and she still absolutely loves to walk quickly around the house using her race car or baby stroller.  Eliza can turn around on a dime!  She also finds it very funny to run around the dinner table with the race car.  Where did she learn that auto racing is all about turning left?  Now that we are in a more mobile stage, we’ve added gates more frequently and always have to make sure doors are closed, partly due to the fact that she has learned how to flush the toilet!




We also put out her swimming pool and let her play around in that a few times.  This has been a very hot summer in Indiana and so it has been hard to find days when the sun is not blazing and the thermostat isn’t reading 90 or above.


The pool came with four butterflies that velcro onto the four posts!  Perfect!  She loved taking them off but hasn’t figured out how to put them back on.  The pool did not stay this clean for long, but the dead grass (from the fallen tree) made for a nice spot in the yard.  She loves splashing around, trying to climb in and out of the pool, and playing with her beach ball.


Did I mention that she has been getting into everything!  All of the kitchen cabinets, even the ones without dangerous materials, are getting latches now!

Eliza has also found a love of flopping down on pillows!  It is hard to believe that summer is coming to an end but it will be nice to have some cooler days.

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