Visiting Michigan

Kirk had to go out of town for work, so Eliza and I took the opportunity to go up to Saline for a visit. We went with Grandma to get her haircut, hung out at the house, and went to the Pottery Barn outlet and scored a great deal on rug pads and a rug. Eliza got to eat her favorite graham crackers from Zingerman’s and got Grandma’s special grilled cheese. Otis was able to hang out with Wesley and be in dog heaven, too.

Eliza has been loving water. The newest pastime is going out into the yard with a half filled watering can. Her and Grandpa Stew went out and had some evening fun while dinner was on the grill. Grandparents always let you get wetter, messier, fuller, and stickier than moms or dads ever would…Eliza loved every minute of it!

Grandpa Stew & Eliza

All of this water led to the need for even more water…bath time!

Bath Time

Bath Time

Giving Kisses in the Mirror

The cutest thing that Eliza has been doing lately is giving kisses. But if she gives a kiss to one person in the room she has to give them to all! That includes Otis as well, or in the case of this week’s grocery run, the deli lady. I tried to explain that the deli lady was very busy and couldn’t give kisses at the moment (nor did I want her to). The funny part is she will just continue to pucker up in hopes that it will happen. Here she is giving herself a kiss in the mirror.

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