Construction Zone

Yesterday the garage was cleaned out to start demolition on the roof and garage doors. Most things went into a storage unit while a few things found there way into the house. Eliza loves that her helmet was one of these items, and that it is now easily accessible. As soon as she saw it this morning it had to be put on. Due to the fact that they are starting construction today, we will call it her hard hat.

It looks like we will have a day of entertainment! I think she is explaining to Otis what is going on, giving him the play-by-play.

Then we had to get out the toy truck and play with it, too.

The hard hat had to stay on for breakfast and snack time.

Eliza has become an expert at using her fork, and she also loves ice in her water (it's hot out!).

Hopefully we can remove the hard hat for nap time (and maybe hide it while she's sleeping).

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