State Fair

Today Eliza and I went to the state fair with our friends Zach and Rochelle.  Eliza had more fun seeing all the animals than I expected …she loved it!  The food wasn’t as big of a hit for her as I would have thought though.  Thankfully, the weather was cooler than it’s been for weeks (but still in the mid-80s). 


Zach is an Indianapolis police officer and he drove us there in style.  This better be the only time she sees the back of a car like this.









Eliza in the cow barn.






















Watching the parade with her new friend Zach, especially after he gave her some elephant ear.















Eliza continues to be intrigued by cars and trucks, and now she loves tractors!  She wanted to get up close and wave to them as they parade drove by.






















I think she liked playing with the water most of all.   Kids are sometimes so easy to please!


Check out Eliza in these two photos – one from this year and one from last year’s fair.  A  year makes a big difference, and it looks like the horse had some work done in the off-season, too!


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