Fall Getaway 2010

This year marked our third fall getaway with our house church/small group.  We headed up to the Fort Wayne area and spent the weekend at Alex’s mom’s house out in the country.  Eliza and I had just gotten back from D.C. the day before and Kirk had literally just walked off a plane from New York right before the car trip up, so we were definitely a bit tired but looking forward to a relaxing time with friends.  The weather was still warm and beautiful so we were able to take a long walk.

That evening we took a trip to a local grain elevator.  Kirk and I didn’t know what to expect and were able to learn a great deal about what goes on when a farmer tries to sell their grain.  For those in a similar less-rural boat, grain elevators are storage facilities that house grain and prepare it for eventual shipment.  Sometimes this means sending it to a manufacturer, but sometimes it just means selling it to another larger grain storage facility.  A grain elevator can be a single building or an interconnected series of buildings (which look like a bunch of silos).  The storage units control the environment around the grain, too, to help it not to rot.  It was really cool seeing the different conveyors and elevators used to get so much seed from one place to another.

Eliza loved to play with the kernels of corn and once she learned that she could put her hand in the bucket it was even better!

Check out Josh going up in the one-man elevator. He's a professional elevator installer, so we knew he could handle it by himself even if it got stuck.  Manlift indeed!


Eliza would tell you that the best part of the weekend was getting to see Eli for 36 hours!  Every morning she woke up looking for him.

Huge thanks to Alex’s family for hosting us!

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