Santa Claus Came to Town

Our neighbors have a “Santa Party” every year, and last year Eliza had no clue what was going on, but this time around she got excited to see her good friends.  The party is held a couple weeks before Christmas, so when Santa comes the kids have to hide and not let Santa see them (“hiding” is a very loose term for a toddler).  Santa comes in and brings one gift for each of the kids and gives a reason for each gift like, “This is for Eliza for sharing with her friends” or “learning to use the potty.”  Then there is a Christmas blessing and Santa departs since he is a busy man!  Eliza has fallen in love with Elmo from a book that we have and she says his name all the time.  She still hasn’t figured out that he also has a TV show (thankfully!).  We got her an Elmo doll and she really enjoys it but we learned that toys that make noise and move are much more exciting for a party atmosphere!

Waiting for Santa is hard to do!It was way past bedtime, and we were not in the mood to take a picture.

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