Ringing in 2011

Whenever we are in Michigan with my dad and Marilyn it always seems to be about relaxation, food, beer, and wine!  Our New Years trip was no different.  We indulged in a delicious rack of lamb Kirk made, oysters, and dark chocolate gelato from Zingerman’s.  Kirk also was able to find some limited production Michigan beers he was thirsting to try.

Eliza got some fun new toys as well, including her first trip to a giant toy store.  Watching her dart for the first toy she saw, then trying to carry it to grab the next toy, and then the next, was quite hilarious.  She was so excited to play that she only took one twenty minute nap the entire visit…that NEVER happens at home.  She was exhausted by the end of the day and slept until grandma or grandpa would come in and rescue her in the morning.  She loved it as much as Otis, who can’t wait to see Wesley and gets excited as soon as we get in the car to head north.

Eliza loved cooking in her new kitchen from grandma and grandpa! She made lots of soup and cake and washed dishes in her sink.

Wesley was sad that we took his bed away from him.  Sorry boy – the owner’s name is clear as day!

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