Thanksgiving 2010

We spent Thanksgiving this year at McCormick’s Creek State Park with the my mom’s side of the family.   It rained on Thanksgiving day here then the following day was below freezing so Eliza and I didn’t really get to hike.  My mom and Jerry brought their camper so that we could have an easier time with a toddler and a dog, and we were very thankful for it.  It’s always so great to spend a few days with extended family who we don’t get to see too often.  Thanksgiving at a state park has been a tradition for over ten years on this side of the family and next year we’ll visit Pokagon State Park.  They have a toboggan run which should be a blast (for Eliza and the adults, too)!

Eliza had fun seeing her Gram as well as the other family members.

Eliza’s first real Thanksgiving meal (since last year she wasn’t eating many solids yet).

The whole family (minus me) during our Thanksgiving meal.

We play games at night and dominos is a common favorite. Eliza helped her Aunt Brittney play this year.

Most of the family braved the cold weather and took a few hikes. Eliza and I stayed at the inn and played in the common room. Really, Eliza just watched other kids that were also at the inn as they ran around and made a lot of noise.



Notice anything interesting about the picture below?


Eliza loved running up and down the lodge’s hallways, including a little gradual incline that was hard for her to perceive with the monotone walls and carpet.  She’d start to run, realize it was suddenly harder to run due to the steepness, and the confused look on her face made us laugh.  Here she is playing “chase” with Uncle Wyatt.

Every year we play “The Present Game” thanks to Jerry.  When your name is called you get to pick a present from the table or steal one from someone else.   We don’t open the gifts until all the presents are gone.  Each year a few presents become the most popular based on their size, shape, or weight, and they get stolen over and over again, even though you’re not really sure what they are!

Eliza even got into it the action this year.  She was a great “present stealer” for her mom and dad.  Who could say no to such a cute little beggar?!

We are so thankful for all that God has blessed us with this year!

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