Feliz Navidad!

Tonight we celebrated Christmas Spanish-style! After acquiring a paella pan many months ago (thanks Lynne!), we still had yet to use it. Being on vacation this week, it seemed like the perfect time for a culinary adventure. I decided we'd go with chorizo, shrimp, mussels, and scallops as the meats (decided to avoid the chicken), and green beans, red peppers, and onions as the veggies (not a big fan of peas, which I know are a common ingredient). It turned out to be a great success, although it did take twice as long to cook as the recipe we were using instructed. About half the bottom got deliciously crispy, but we have plenty of ingredients left to give it another go in a few days. This time, we'll make sure the entire thing gets a good crisp bottom layer, since that's the best part! Since the pan is bigger than our burners, we had to rotate which section was getting the direct heat, so it'll take some practice to master that.

Of course, it was so good that we ate way too much, and I could eat the mussels (Lynne the scallops) all day, too. Also, thanks to mom and dad for the great saffron and paprika they brought back for us from their Mediterranean cruise (among other great spices)!

p.s. Yes the scallops look like little marshmallows :)

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