House Church Thanksgiving

We had our house church (Bible study) over for a Thanksgiving meal. (This happened a few weeks back but we have been behind on our posts!) I didn't think that we would get many people who could make it on a Saturday night, but everyone could come but Mike! That meant we had to fit 17 people! So, we moved the living room furniture out and put our table in the front room. It made me miss the townhouse with its huge dinning space! We have much to be thankful for within this group, and we are reminded of it each time we are together. New marriages, boyfriend moving to Indy, overcoming cancer and a hospital stay, traveling to Africa to serve, preemie twins who are improving each day, a job (even one we may not love), amazing babies that both start with E, a new home, a career that offers many opportunities in the future (hopefully Indy), and new relationships...just to name a few! And, we thank the photographer who captures it all (or at least a big chunk of it)!

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