The Force is Strong with This One

Eliza got to play with her first "lightsaber." I made the noises as she swung it through the air, energy crackling all around. Then she had a fierce battle with Preston during which she proved she was quite the Jedi. OK, I lied, there was no swinging or baby battle, just Eliza holding it tightly, studying it, and crying if she dropped it or I took it away.

Is there any greater toy made of repurposed trash than a cardboard wrapping paper tube lightsaber? Sure, it could be a sword, a telescope, or a baseball bat, but when I was a kid, it was definitely a lightsaber. I'd wield them so powerfully that the tube would quickly get bent and broken, and then I simply had to wait for mom to finish wrapping more presents for my arsenal to be replenished. I still have trouble recycling them, as I'd rather keep a stash hidden in the basement closet. You never know when the Sith will attack, and a good Jedi needs to be prepared.

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Debby Smiley said...

However, Poco may fight her for it, as he loves those tubes also.