We can't go to Michigan and not stop at Zingerman's! We normally bring home a few blocks of cheese and a few loaves of bread. The Parmesan Pepper bread is out of this world (but costs an arm and a leg)! Their cheeses are like none we have had elsewhere. Some they import from all over the world, but they also make many of their own.
This cheese we got last time. It was a great soft cow's milk cheese with a hint of pepper.

We sampled this one but didn't get it. I thought that the round was beautiful though.

They had mozzarella bundled in herbs for Thanksgiving.

Kirk couldn't wait to go home and start eating! We picked up a great goat cheese (Chelsea) made on location, a piave that Kirk really likes, and a stinky semi-soft ardrahan that has now made our entire fridge smell like cheese. When we eat it, Otis goes crazy licking Kirk's face...apparently the stinkier the better to him!

They also make great sorbets and gelato!

We didn't take any pictures inside the bakehouse. Our minds were taken over by the smell of fresh baked bread!

They also have a bakery and cake shop now.

This post has made me hungry! We can't wait to get back!

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