100 Good Walks Spoiled

This Friday, I'm putting myself on the frontlines of ridicule and torture for a good cause. To support Greek InterVarsity, the amazing campus ministry I was blessed to be a part of during all my years at Purdue, I will be playing 100 holes of golf in 1 day. Yep, you read that right. From 7am until 7pm, or whenever my battered and aching body stumbles in from the course. As many of you know, I am far from a good golfer. Heck, I'm far from a mediocre golfer. But that doesn't matter when raising money for Greek IV is on the line. In that note, please help sponsor my 5.55 (repeating, for the geeks out there...that's geeks, not greeks) rounds of golf by donating at http://indygolfmarathon.com/donate/pledge. I'm still short of the individual fundraising goal, so I could definitely use your help, no matter how much you have to donate. A dollar donated now is a dollar I don't bug you about later this year when it's mustache growing season! :)

I'm all three of these guys combined!

I'll fill everyone in on the (horrible) results this weekend. Just pray my arms don't fall off and that I can get out of bed the next day!

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