Our Favorites

We have a few favorite baby items in the house right now. The first has been a must since the day we brought Eliza home, and that's her fleece kiddopotamus (fleece stays in place better then the cotton ones). She sleeps in one every night and we are now using the large size. We are going to have to start sewing our own extra-large ones soon since the company doesn't make them that big!

The next is her favorite book, titled B is for Bear. It is a great touch-and-feel book that always keeps her attention! Find it here on Amazon.

We have just started letting her play in her jumper. It is called Jumpster in Jungle Jubilations by Graco. She doesn't have the strength to do it for too long but she had great fun this weekend trying it out!

It was hard to get pictures since she didn't want to stay still...which is the point! She was very focused the whole time and that reminds me so much of her daddy!

She enjoyed the great new angle that this toy gives her to watch her puppy play!

Once we think or find more must haves we will let you know!

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