Start the Week off Running!

Monday was a long day with Preston and Eliza. Both babies had fun and got naps (at the same time which was wonderful), so I would call it a success! This weekend I cleaned off all the toys that we had found this summer at garage sales and got them out for Preston to play with. I did not realize how much TOYS = SANITY! I would have searched much harder for toys if I had known what it takes to occupy two kids under one year old! I was worried at the time of trying to keep the clutter down. Now I have changed my focus: I will ignore the clutter and instead can't wait for Kirk to finish the basement! (Kirk says this Spring!)
The toy that kept them busy all day was the Playskool Busy Ball Popper (the name fits, huh?!). It is fun for all ages and dogs, too!




Eliza liked playing the piano.












She's playing with her new teeth now!

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Megan said...

So that ball popper toy is a favorite in our neighborhood. The big kids even like it! Keep it around!