Any Excuse

Our neighbors had their second baby boy this week so it was a great reason for Eliza and I to take a walk over two blocks to The Flying Cupcake! If you haven't been before you just must go and get their red velvet cupcake! We love them! So this was as good excuse as any to go today, but I know my husband will ask, "why did you have to buy one too?" So, I am getting my reasons ready! It was a long week without Kirk around and taking care of two dogs (dog sitting Wesley this week) and a baby to boot! Eliza needs to get her vitamin D by being in the sun for at least 10 minutes and this is the perfect distance! Eliza is growing out of her cupcake outfit and we had to go today in case it didn't fit tomorrow! I'll need to think of a few more...

Walking over in our cupcake dress and tights!

After a few bites

A bit of alright (is what her grandma would say)

Such excitement tires a girl out!

The ones that we didn't touch for the newest mommy, daddy, and big brother Jack on the block!

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