How Did We Miss Them!

I caught a quick glimpse today. Off in the corner of my eye I saw something glimmer. After closer inspection...could it be?! Yes, Eliza has FOUR teeth! She has been in such a great mood lately that I hadn't been looking in her mouth to check. They must have come in over the past two weeks. Just the other day a stranger met Eliza and asked if those were teeth she saw in there! As a very observant mother, I said, "No, not yet" (I would know if there were any chompers in my baby's mouth)! Oh, how very wrong I was, and I am now so glad that the woman was a stranger and someone I will not be seeing again...so that I don't have to look like a terrible mother!

image from flickr.com

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Stacia said...

wow! 4 teeth! she sure snuck those in on you! :)