Give Until It Hurts

Greek InterVarsity Golf Marathon Recap:

-100 holes of golf
-far too many swings
-3 gatorades, 1 powerade, 4 bottles of water
-a little bit of sunburn
-30 lost balls
-sore toes, sore feet, sore back, sore torso, sore ankles
-9 blisters on hands and feet
-2 incredibly painful acl/mcl's (I'm walking around like a 99 year-old!)
-1 prize award
-tons of fun
-a lot of quality golf practice
-1 legitimate par the entire day (this is a big deal for me, my last par was in 2005!)
-most importantly, over $32,000 raised for Greek InterVarsity!!

Wait 'til next year?!?!
image from flickr.com

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