Dinners this weekend

We have had time to cook and eat some great dinners this weekend. First up is some amazing duck Kirk had at Meridian. Lynne had some great pork with a chorizo and sweet potato relish. Dessert was the best strawberry shortcake to ever be made by human hands. We ate it way too fast to get a picture. :)







Lynne had to step away from the table to dance with Eliza. As you can see, her bald spot is getting worse! Her hair has been getting thinner and lighter ones are coming in...but not fast enough!








The next night, Kirk and Lynne's dad cooked up a feast! Dry-rubbed thick pork chops (on the bone, yum!), from Kincaid's (just around the corner), delicious sweet corn from the Broad Ripple Farmers' Market, grilled portabella mushrooms and pablano and purple peppers (from the garden), and then okra two ways! Kirk's been eating okra almost every other day since we have had such a large continual harvest from the garden. After having it sauteed with olive oil and salt and pepper for breakfast (his most common preparation), he cooked it up with some of the extra sweet corn, while Lynne's dad took some cornmeal and fried some up. Fried okra is definitely the best, but we'll eat it any way, any time!

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